mini trials comp for montreal?

i am way jumping the gun here but at the last minute i am looking at organizing a mini trials for the juggling festival in montreal on april 2-3-4. i am discussing this with the gang in québec city and am wondering:

  1. are others interested i.e. the ottawa group, darren bedford etc.?

  2. does anyone want to help out?



I can’t make this one.


i would come, but it’s like 800 miles and i can’t uni that far in a week…:frowning: sorry.


I would come, but I live on the West coast of the US. Kinda far away.

If you can get this thing to work then I’ll be coming for sure…
I wouldn’t mind helping out either…

I’ll contact some other Montreal riders to see if they can make it…

could you send send me an e-mail at
to confirm that this comp will be happening?

if you work it out, Ill be there with my friends.

it’s looking excellent. the festival has given the O.K. and we’re trying to get Vincent Thimens up from québec city with his obstacles (he promotes and does trials courses). thats looking good too. probably for the saturday.

get in touch

quite psyched!!!

oh yeah, the phone is good too

514 457 0213


Hi John,

We are surely going to Mtl for friday (2 april), sleep there, and drive home saturday night. We’ve got a trials and freestyle demo at Québec sunday (4 april), so we can’t be at two place at the same time.

Do you know if they can hold the trials comp saturday, so we can be there?

I don’t know if you have talked to Simon Thémens, but we’ll probably get a lift for all the trials sections. However, if you can set something, get me a note.

See you soon,


Four of us are comming up from Ottawa, Karl, Devon, Thomas and Myself. We were at Toque and have been to the Montreal fest for the past 2 years. I just starting riding trials buy the guys are pretty good, Karl came in the middle of the Sport group at Toque and Thoms tied for first in Beginner. We will be juggling but we are also looking forward to the unicycle basketball and now hopefully a mini trials comp on Saturday!

Carl Roth
Managing Juggler
Nanaimo Park Jugglers
Ottawa, Canada

yes they can

yes i have. it would certainly be easier if his set up comes up. let’s talk and if something interesting can be added i will do it (with help). also if you have any suggestions carl, let me know. if it has to be built, it will be done.

the process is developing

here’s the link for details of the where and when of the festival
JAQ festival

so far it sounds like a crew from quebec, a crew from ottawa, a crew from montreal and some stragglers from the U.S.A.


great news

i have recieved the comformation for a trials competition at the montreal juggling festival.

the competition will be held on saturday the 4th at 2 p.m. the set up can begin at 12 p.m.

i am looking for financial help for simmon themens so that he can bring up his obstacles if anyone has any ideas.

the info where and when again is here

11th Quebec
Juggling Festival

2, 3, et 4 April 2004
at Polyvalente Lucien Pagé
8200,Bd St Laurent, Montréal Québec

please let me know who’s interested?

john denham

it’s still going strong and should be fun. it will be an eye jopener for the regular unicyclists and i hope those attending will be into going for an urban ride.



I got hold of a bunch of other unicyclists so we should be quite a bunch there…If we’re lucky Joselyn might come and join us with his coker…

Oh, is there gonna be anybody ridding on friday? Because I could make it on friday also…


i would personally be down with an urban ride on friday. give a call or drop an e-mail.


Yes, im up for it!!! except i mostly speak french… but i hope it wont matter… hehe
ill be there!
need help for organisation? pm me, ill give you my phone number

french, dude, aucun problème. both languages will be spoken.

give a call, would love some help

514 457 0213


french, dude, aucun problème. both languages will be spoken.

give a call, would love some help

514 457 0213