mini tire pump

I have already bought and returned TWO mini tire pumps which, to my dismay, not only would not adequately fill my 24x2.6 muni tire, but BOTH nozzels kept slipping OFF the valve! Yes, I know how to “lock” them to the valve. Also, trying to push the filler nozzel onto the valve causes the rubber stem to “sink” into the rim, even though I’m trying to hold it steady with my other hand while pumping. I would really appreciate ideas and/or suggestions regarding what would be the best pump that will work efficiently, and won’t take FOREVER to get just a few pounds of air in the tire! I DO need to have a mini pump so I can carry in my backpack. Thanks!:smiley:

im not sure if they make them in the statesbut bell the b/ke company hasone called the airstrike 800, 950, and 1000. i have the 950 and it has pumped my freestyle uni up to 90 psi…i think it might work for you. i got it at walmart for 13 bucks cad.

I have a ToPeak that lives on the back of my Camelbak. It fits Presta or Schrader, and has a little air hose so you don’t have to keep shoving it into the valve. It flips out a little foot thingie and you pump it like an itty bitty floor pump. Seems to work well.

In case you’re not used to using mini pumps, they do take a lot of pumps to fill up any tire, especially fat ones.

get the crank brothers presta/ sharder valve one, with the high presure high volume thing

the one i have looks like this: the part circles red folds up and locks into position and the green part fits presta or schrader valves. its about ift long in total and has a quite large capacity.

pump.bmp (38.8 KB)

Is this the topeak you’re referring to? Seems like a very good pump, but I’m wondering if it will be too long to fit in my “blowfish” camelback??? Also the web prices really vary on this pump, from a about $25-$40! But if it works really well, then I don’t mind spending $25. Oh, it also has a built-in gauge, which is great, if accurate!

HEY, I was going to make a thread just like this! We have a mini tire pump that wouldn’t put any air into any tube. I was riding with a MTB friend once, who got a flat tire and couldn’t put more than about 15 PSI’s into his tube, witha BRAND NEW $40 pump.

So I’m a little distrustful when it comes to mini pumps. But it’s no use carrying an extra tube or a patch kit with no pump.