Mini February vid

Finally the snow and rain is gone :smiley: So today I went for a ride, the most serious ride in like 2 months :astonished: I put together a vid which turned out real neat. It’s not very long, doesn’t feature very much riding… I guess it’s more like a “yay-finally-I-can-go-out-filming-and-riding-again” sort of vid :smiley: Constructive critisism wanted!

(All other sites didn’t seem to work, so I had to put it on youtube, I hope you don’t mind :o)

Edit: P.S “Februari” is swedish for February :smiley:

i didn’t like that there were only one place filmed
and just try to keep footage to have more to put in a vid…
the vid was really short and there were only three clips of uni…

keep it up

– bobousse

Yeah I know, but that’s because I don’t have a tripod nor any friends who want to film me :frowning: and like I said it’s a “yay-finally-I-can-go-out-filming-and-riding-again” sort of vid :smiley: thanks!

When we gonna see one from you Amanda?


Thanks! :smiley: Hopefully I’ll get together some friends who can film me this spring and summer. I started learning english in the 4th grade I think, but english is really easy because swedish and english are related to eachother through the germanic language so it’s basically “the same” language but… not really but you get the picture :stuck_out_tongue:

I know what you mean about going out and unicycling/filming for the first time in ages. Where I live the weather has been decent this week for the first time since november. Over the last 7 days Iv’e spent 11 hours on my unicycle. I think I must have withdrawl symptoms.

Only 11 hours? Sometimes I ride from 8am to 8pm because if I want to get into town I have to get up early to catch a ride and have to wait for my ride back so theres only one thing to do :smiley:


Your 360 was nice and fast, try do the smallspin rolling, they feel sooo smooth.

Keep it up

Edit: Oh yeah, hopefully you get some good weather, its raining here and its really peeeee-sing me off.