mini eurocycle

Well it looks like we will be having a mini eurocycle here in reading
tonight ( one day before the real hing) as there wil be a bunch of Danish
and Belgian sleeping over in our local church hall!

Paul and I have beeen busy whipping up Quich and salads, my shopping
trolley this morning had 30 yogurts in, that got some looks as I stacked
them up in the diary aisle.

I hope to se some of you at Big Eurocycle tomorrow afternoon in Plymouth.
Please don’t plan on gettingto Tamarside college before 4pm, the school
kids are still in classes till 3.30 so there will be no space avalible to
unicyclists till 4pm. If you get to Plymouth much before 4 why not go and
have a wonder around the Historic Harbour area.

First workshop session is at 5pm ( silly games), and Dinner is at 7pm.

See you there


Euro-cycle 2001 20 - 22 July Plymouth UK A european unicycle convention