Mini cooper VS 36" uni

I’ve been doing some long range travel on my 24" nimbus (20 mile range). However I would like to get a 36" uni to be able to do some real traveling.
Does anybody have a good idea on how I could transport a 36" wheel with a mini cooper?

A rack strapped to the back?

I second the rack on the back. It might look a little like John’s unibug

put the top down :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be having another chat with my cooper dealer. The rack on the back is a good idea as long as it doen’t hinder me using the the hatch back.
I have a roof rack already but I don’t see how it could work. Thanks

If you have the seats down you could just lay it in the rear… There’s lots of room with the seats laid flat. What’s the ground to top measurement of the 36" wheel?

What year MINI are you looking at? - Never mind - I see you already have the car…

Well, since your 36er is actually bigger than a mini cooper, why not ride the 36er, and carry the mini cooper? :p;)

Haha, seriously, maybe you could just take the wheel off the frame, and then it should fit with the back seats folded down.

If you already have a roof rack, how about just throw it up there and bungee it on? You might need to remove one pedal.

If you are putting a unicycle inside pulling the seatpost is much easier than taking the wheel off.

Never mind the pedal - just open the sunroof and put that pedal over the passenger seat!

Opening the sunroof and let the peddle hang inside is funny stuff!
It won’t fit inside I’ve already measured. The removel of one peddle is what I’ve been thinking. just didn’t know how practical it was.
Thanks for the feed back. I’ll go ahead and buy the KH 36" and figure it out.
I like a good challenge - that’s why I ride a unicycle!

That would require readjusting the seat height when the ride starts. In my case I would spend at least as much time getting the seat height “just right” as bolting the wheel back on.

I vote for roof or rear rack with one pedal removed :slight_smile:

looking at the thread title I thought you were going to buy a 36" or a mini cooper.:stuck_out_tongue:

Such thread would be good :slight_smile: What is better for hi speed muni: Mini or 36er :wink:

I think the roof rack would do, if this is possible:

We should try this sometime, sounds fun:D Mini off roading:p

Maybe you could save yourself about 3-4" if you let the air out of the tire prior to loading! :wink:

Yes, I hoped it was going to be a racing thread.

I was thinking it was someone getting hit head on by a Mini Cooper. Kinda glad that didn’t happen.:stuck_out_tongue:

See this thread…“Unicycle carrier for the car”…may be helpful.

I thought someone was going to ride over a mini cooper with a 36er. Oh well, here’s to dreaming.