mini 12" bc wheel (with platforms)

the thing you have all been waiting for…

du dun dunun da!





Now those look cool. Is there a reason the left platform has a weld line and the right doesn’t? Also, I think it would look cool if the top corners were cut diagonal.


Edit: What thickness steel did you use? It doesn’t look all that thick, will it hold a full grown person?

no the weld is just part of the metal

i will put it this way it took 8 drill bits to drill the holes
7 all pourpose bits and one $15.00 cobalt bit that compleatly melted. point proven?this metal WILL NOT break. our vice could not bend it

its for sale if any one wants it but it will be vary pricey because all the bits we used

and yes its hard to ride

Very cool, Doesn’t look very durable(yes I read your speech) But very cool none the less…

it’s starts…

if any one can break it i while riding it i will pay cash

Really? I’d be happy to test one for cash. I bet I can shatter the little 12 spoke wheel and bend the axle.

well cownt out ryan atkins and jeff gorves

I second that…You’ll learn fast enough that some people have a nack for breaking things…me for example.

the platforms not the wheel

and with out hurting them selves

Why are you counting them out? I bet anyone could break it if they tried.

I fail to see how that make sense…

its 4130 aircraft metal

Jeez kid, you are going to be the next Steve Howard


Yeah Evan, don’t take any of this flak we’re giving you to heart man. How many of these guys made their own stuff? If you can make something like this at your age, more power to you. Keep doing your thing and your stuff will get better and better.


if anyone wants any thing made for a uni i can make it for u