MINI 10" bc wheel!!

i built this like an hour ago,and its really fun to ride!

i have some videos but i dont know how to post them so plese tell me how and i will post them

pics soon

heres a nice pic

it’s cute

in the vid i hop 10 times

Pretty cool, Just upload the videos into a gallery…

that looks to be a fatter version of the little exersize wheel

anyone have a vid of someone riding those little exersize wheels … ?

If not , I’ll make one … hahaha

it looks really cool how small it is but is there evena seat?

Its a trials BC wheel. Lower the pressure and do some big drops!

You may have been sarcastic or you may not be completely aware of what you are looking at. So ill play it safe and inform you. A BC Wheel does not have a seat, thats in a sense the point. It adds an extra challenge and is actually quite fun. Though im not srue if that small a wheel would make it harder or easier. Cool toy though! Rock on.

Let me point out that a BC wheel also has plates or pegs instead of pedals. You stand on the plates and lean back and forth as the wheel rolls along.

there are 5 for sale if any one wants one?

there $20+ shipping

i will take it down to 15 if i have to ship it to east coast

i will have more pics soon

I think it would be alot easier because you would have a lower center of gravity.

no one wants a 10" bc wheel?


Show us more pics first… I may just build my own if looks easy enough.


I don’t see why your selling them, other than to make a quick buck, why don’t you just write down how other people could make them and just be helpful. I doubt it’s very hard anyway, looks like you’ve just shoved an axle through the 10" tyre and you used that.

seems like a good enough reason to me!

you have to weld it

here some more pics

another pic

2 watches?