Mines here too!

My Muni arrived today!!! How exciting!! After a painful 17 days of waiting for it to arrive (the bloody postmanstole it for like a week!!!), I am now officially the pround new owner of a KH 24"Muni!!!
All i could say when i took it out of the box was “My god it’s a beast!!!” (It looks so much bigger and meaner in real life! I’m Hoping it doesn’t eat small children, that could be awkward)

Tomorrow is going to rock, but i’m gunna have to find a crazy small spanner or something to tighten the seat bolts cos they’re still kinda loose…

super! yeh when I got my torker the box looked really huge but it was mainly because of the tire

This must be a time of receiving, because I just got my Qu-Ax trials wednsday!

My box was rather small it seemed…

All you new uni owners post it in the Uni Count thread: http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=24973&highlight=uni+count

and i a new coker!!! that was monsterous.