Mine Unicycling (The best kinda of Muni)

Hiya yallz! Well I finally got around to getting some pics off the camera and got some from when I went exploring mines on my muni ;). Well the cave near my house is beg enough to ride in if you can tolerate riding while holding the flashlight for yourself, it has great lines within and its a 4 mi mountain unicycle ride to the mine unciycling. Plus a fun area to play on the top, well here be some photos of it…

The entrance…

Its actually in a beautiful mountain area!

I didnt get any pics of the muniing parts of hte mine since I was moving a lot faster than my bros and Steph. The best part was when I got there I saw 2 people standing outside the second entrance due to the fact they forgot flashlights. Me being a regular I went in the other entrance and turned off my flashlight as I came out the one they were near and pedals casually out of the mine… Now if you are checking out one of the biggest mines cali has to offer and you cant go inside, and all of a sudden you see a UNICYCLE COME ROLLING OUT!!! Now that is the LAST thing you are expecting. Poor guys knew there boss would never believe them on that one :-D. So has anyone else done some new Muni, Mine Unicycling?

Edit: Almost forgot…LOL…hehe sry couldnt go without one :wink:

Who is that guy in that photo right there?
He looks like mycounselor from camp.

HAHAHAH thats my brother Jared. You should see a more closup of him HES HUGE!!!

Ok thought he looked like my counselor, dang he arms are pretty big.

I rode to the mall in the 1 foot deep snow on my DX today.

Yeah, I rode on the sidewalks where there was no snow… because I can’t ride in deep snow :roll_eyes:

Wow that looks fun! It would be a blast trying to go down that ladder lookin thing in the 2nd and 3rd pictures.

and the shear drop :smiley:

Well, there are no mines around here that I’m aware of, but I did ride in the snow up to the Acme. I then realized I forgot a lock, so I threw my helmet, gloves and muni in a cart and went in and did my shopping.

The checkout lady looked at the uni, but I told her it was mine and there was no barcode tag on it for her to wand.

Got a few “thumbs-up” from the high-school kids as I was heading home.

PS: great pics by the way!

Dude, that looks like some good fun. I’m gonna have to take a trip out there one day and do that. Where is the Track Monster?

Whoa Cody that looks like crazy fun!:smiley:

wow that place looks crazy.

you guys should camp there over night.

Man, that looks like fun. When i go to Mt Isa, there are some places that haven’t seen many people in years. Maybe because they’re no roads to get to the place. Also I’ll ask my godfather if i can ride my torker or coker through the mines. :smiley: :smiley:

Wow I would love to ride doen that ladder thing! but without the huge drop :wink: (my hub isent splinned)

I actually never went down the ladder actually, it is very wobbly and most walk the long way around it. I run up and down it, but everytime im with someone they make mean threats about if I try to ride it… As for track monster, I took those pics a good 4 months ago…