MINE BROKE TOO...Wilder Rail Adapter go POP:(

tonite while out riding i felt a small twist action from my seat.i looked,saw nothing and continued to ride.5 minutes later i felt it again so i looked at the seat,looked at the post and nothing.i continued to ride,i go to crank grab this 2 foot curb thing at the local skate park and POP !

i turn over my uni and what do i see?the 2 welds in the back of my Wilder Seat adapter just completely ripped right out of the plate that they were welded to. :angry:

whats worse; it kind of stirred around in the hole scraping thr CF plate before it totaly broke free.:frowning: :angry:

ive had it four 7 months,it never got wet or rusted.this sucks.i understand that this is the 3rd reported one to go.Dylan some other dude i cant remember and now me.who’s welding these things?

anyone got a better idea of how to connect my Thompson to my seat instead of buying another one of these let downs?


Man, that really sucks!

John Foss has that friend that will/may modify a standard seat post with a brace that integrates the seat base and seat post… Maybe that is an option.

Re: MINE BROKE TOO…Wilder Rail Adapter go POP:(

Just get it re-welded, it’ll cost under 10 bucks and will be better than the
day it was bought! : )


I haven’t heard of Dylan breaking his again, so I imagine getting a re-weld is idea. I think Dylan should be the official tester for all new products.

im going though the phone book right now looking at welder etc.i am going to hopfully get it fixed but i am now on a quest for a better product.

if ridin hard they will brake.the proof is coming to light and it aint happening to me again.im glad i was only a 45 minute walk away from home :angry: and not on a trial somewhere out in the boonies.

i was going to order one of the newer lighter ones soon too.im glad i did’nt waste my money.

I read the part where you said only a 45 minute walk. That’s quite a walk if you ask me, but then I forgot you are carless and probably more use to walking then I.

RE: MINE BROKE TOO…Wilder Rail Adapter go POP:(

> i am going to hopfully get it fixed but i am now on a
> quest for a better product.
> if ridin hard they will brake.the proof is coming to
> light and it aint happening to me again.im glad i was
> only a 45 minute walk away from home
> :angry: and not on a trial somewhere out in the boonies.

We are becoming so spoiled. Up until a few years ago, anything like that
would have either been a homemade part, or nothing at all. And if it broke
you would have to go back to the maker and have them make you another one,
and repeat until you had something that held up.

This is what George Peck used to do, an expensive process. Most of the rest
of us just didn’t ride off road much, because we weren’t equipped to keep
replacing unicycles, or have custom parts built…


John,it is a homemade part,just look at it.

Accord,a 45 min walk in the city isnt that bad,but we are all carless out on the trail.

Ahhh, HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!

Shame on you for not being gratefull for your broken part! Bad Hippy, Bad!


MINE BROKE TOO…Wilder Rail Adapter go POP:(

Jagur, look at this,

That was the online catalog shot. Here’s mine:

and this,

Sorry but my digital camera is bargain basement. If you really need a better pic, say so, and I’ll try again. Click on the above images for a slightly larger view, then go here and click on the fuzzy green spot labeled “SEAT”;


The email contact is Mr. Masuda at < masuda@mys-co.com >.

I never had a Wilder rail, so I can’t speak comparatively, but this rail I have looks and so far is plenty strong. 3,800 Yen is roughly US $32.00 at an exchange rate of 120Yen;U$1. Shipping, I don’t know,… Mr. Masuda can tell you.

This note is to everyone:

If you decide to contact MYS; Mr. Masuda can read and write English, but I’d suggest you make your English standard, clear, and free of slang and cute spelling “effects” for the most straightforward communication, unless, of course, you can read, write and type Japanese.

I know, I know… everybody’s mad at Miyata now because of the wimpy handles. I’m just posting this FYI.

This has not been a product endorsement.

I might e-mail him to tell him the new handles suck. And then order something cool like titanium seat bolts :slight_smile:


For 3800Yen (+shipping), you get the Miyata seat and the attached rail plate. It looks pretty much like the Wilder rail adapter in Unicycle.com’s online catalog, except it’s silver instead of black, and it doesn’t have that brake-handle post hickey.

Also… as far as I know, MYS is not Miyata; merely a distributor. So complaints prior to actual direct purchases may be no more or less effective than complaints to Unicycle.com or any other distributor.

thanx for the link Sendhair.you know i dont have a car,but i never told you that i also have no credit card so ordering oversea’s is kinda out of my resources :roll_eyes: (im a caveman)

i had seen those pics of yours before and i’ve allways wanted to try that suspention post ever since Yuichiro Kato brought it up.

S,Howard has made these rail thingys too but im not gonna go buggin him.

How do you not own a credit card? I mean do you keep your money in a Bank?

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let me guess the next thing your gonna tell us is you dont own a computer either?

Ohh and I still give you mad props for not owning a car. Its tuff to in this day and age.

Ah… how can you expect somebody with an Audi to understand, eh? Keep money in a bank? HAHAHAHA! … Uh, what’s a “bank”?..

Since you’re such an experienced online shopper, Checkernuts, why don’t you send Jagur an early Xmas present from MYS?
BTW, Mr. Moneybags-in-the-Bank, how are the Unicycle/bicycle donations coming along?

I suspect that the only people who don’t have their own computers (but still manage to post to online forums) are the ones with 6-figure salaries who get to use their company’s computers for free…

Jagur, they’ll accept international postal money orders. Just email 'em and ask about the shipping charge. I don’t have a plastic ball and chain, either. I make it a rule to spend all of my cash at least 2 weeks before my next payday (payday’s once/month here). How far is it to your nearest Post Office?

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