MINE BROKE TOO...Wilder Rail Adapter go POP:( (part 2)

Well my new Wilder rail adapter got here today (10 day UPS wait :angry: ) Anyway now i’m afraid to use the thing.the new one looks even weaker than than my old one.the weld on the new one only goes half-way around the area where my first one broke. on the first one,the weld was all the way around(wish i had pics but they would look just like Dylans anyway).

i took them both to work to use the scale which is a very accurate mailing scale but its in pounds.i could’nt figure out how to change it to grams and the boss would not approve anyway,so if some nice person can convert these to grams…? I would be thankful.

the “old” adapter was .6 lbs

the “new” adapter is .49 lbs

like i was saying,for hardcore MUni and Trials,i hope there is another option soon,i havent quite dicided if im gonna use my new one or what.i also hope there’s one made without the brake mount to for people who want the choice.does anyone know who and where these are made?

i personaly would love to see a larger than 22.2 seat post with the traditional mounting plate on the market.i think maybe the new Norco’s will have this,a 27.2 diameter post with mounting plate.

any comments?

.6 lbs. = 223.9 gm

.49 lbs. = 182.89 gm


Hello, this is my first post. Recently I discovered that a stock myata seat post (22.2 or7/8) pressed nicely into a kalloy 27.2 post with the head removed. I epoxied and thru bolted it together. This solution has been extensivly smacked on the ground by myself and other mediocre uni riders with great success. Im from bend by the way.


Hello Vulture!

i remember you from our e-mails awile back.my friend Francis met you at some bike thing in Bend and gave me a Vulture cycles sticker.i just checked out your 22.2/27.2 idea and it is a tight fit alright :slight_smile: did you bolt it up high or what?i suppose in time the mounting plate on the Miyata will die but at least they are only $15 bucks instead of $61 for the Wilder.All the seat out yanking is what kills seat parts.whats you current rig?

Re: MINE BROKE TOO…Wilder Rail Adapter go POP:( (part 2)

On Wed, 11 Sep 2002 22:51:42 -0500, yoopers
<yoopers.aumib@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

>6 lbs. = 223.9 gm
>49 lbs. = 182.89 gm


With all respect, you’ve got that wrong. Firstly, you are missing out
the decimal point, the question was about .6 lbs and .49 lbs. Duh.
More importantly, you are using an unusual size of lb, something like
373 grams. The correct conversion is 1 lb = 453.592 grams. With that,
the answer Jagur sought is:

0.6 lbs = 272 grams
0.49 lbs = 222 grams

Klaas Bil

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Bruce was using troy pounds, in which case both his decimal places and numbers look good to me.

Troy pounds are a unit of mass used to measure precious metals and defined so that there are 12 troy ounces in a troy pound. One troy pound is equal to 373 g.

Given all the recent breakages, I’d say there isn’t much of anything precious about the Wilders… except the $61 you all shelled out for yours. Who’s making these anyway?

Hey George, this may be another good product for you to make. Do they let you use the shop where you’re doing your internship?? Joe in Iowa

Re: MINE BROKE TOO…Wilder Rail Adapter go POP:( (part 2)

On Thu, 12 Sep 2002 19:09:17 -0500, gbarnes
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>Bruce was using troy pounds, in which case both his decimal places and
>numbers look good to me.

Admittedly, I wasn’t familiar with troy pounds. So now we have to
guess what sort of pounds the scale at Jagur’s work is calibrated in.
Hmmm, nice argument for metrication!

Klaas Bil

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my dream uni is starting to fall into place, well, as soon as norco and velo come out with their new products, and as soon as a velo compatable wilder bracket is made. then i’ll be able to throw on some of the best parts and a brake, to give me one groovy mountain/trials uni, ready to take more 5 foot drops than my Miyata 24 inch delux took (which is quite a lot)…and even a few 10 footers

well, now that i left a little hint as to what abuse i administer, i’ve been concerned at the growing number of wilder bracket breakings…is anything being done to make these things stronger? will i easily break this thing? i mean, i’ve used good technique since i haven’t killed anything more than the rim, spokes, hub and cranks of my miyata, and my seat post plate and miyata are still standing, i’m wondering if a wilder rail bracket will hold up.


the much concerned uni’ist, getting ready for the buyers market,


ps: if these things keep breaking, something needs to be done right away, if it hasn’t yet…61 bucks isn’t easy for a teenager to just throw away on a weekly basis, well, for this teenager anyway:)

Well If somebody wants me to I can quote at making an an alternative seatpost adaptor - as beefy as you like.