Minding my own

I hear all the regular comments you know them but today was different,

I went to Nelson today to do some urban riding ,it’s a nice place,
anyway’s I’m riding along a wide sidewalk it’s cool,I ride by a guy
walking alone ,looks normal?? Just another person??
I pass him loving life ye ha , a few seconds later I hear a someone
running up fast , ok ,it’s a jogger,nope it’s the guy I just rode by
running passed me yelling you can’t ride by me on a tricycle like that
??He looked serious,freak me out.Must be a mental ward around?
I’m like ok ,I just got to a new level today ,I humored him and rode on.
Oh ya ,I was riding by a elementary school on a steep hill climb at 10:15
all the kid’s cheered me on it was really funny ,good grunt.