Milton Keynes trials session with Edd and Leo

Here’s a video of the Milton Keynes trials session that Edd and Leo did last Sunday. Not that brilliant because it’s the very first time that this non-trials rider has filmed trials, and only the third time I’ve made a full length video.

You’ll need the XviD codec for this one.

Small version (16Mb) - watch or right click to download
Large version (39.4Mb) - right click to download

Note: the large (higher quality) version is temporarily hosted elsewhere, since I’ve had persistent problems in trying to upload it to the Gallery. You need to download it all first before viewing, and the download speed can be rather slow at times…

Nice one. Thankyou for putting up link to codec download too most helpful. How long as the old station (or wherever it is) been converted to a mini skate park for?
Last skate video I saw (good few year now) never had any of that new stuff on it. Must try visit sometime looks a good place to session.

There is no picture for gallery ones (both large and small)

looks like you had fun

I DL’d the codec but still can’t view it; it says I’m missing the required plugin, but when I click the DL button to get the plugin, it says “no suitible plugin found”.

Get VLC Media Player, its free and plays basically all audio and video files without having to download codecs

plays sound only no video, at least on this file.

Just seen this!

Cheers for making it GK! The video is really good, I enjoyed watching it!
Really documents the day well, I like the way the clips are all in the right order too!

Sorry about hitting you with the BC!
Ha Ha, scary close up of my face at the end!

Muniaddict, I used winamp 5 and it worked fine first try, I didnt download the codec, although I might have done before and just forgotten!

Excellent, thanks Gk!

Rock on!

I used to have that with all of GK’s vids… then I got the


Video works fine for me but then again I had already installed the codec.

Nice editing GK. I particularly liked the end credit with a cut still on Edd’s face, very clever. Was it all using your photo camera as I noticed that you zoomed in on one section?

Looks like a fun day.

I liked that. My favorite part was when <whoeveritwas> jumped onto the black square rail and rode across it.

…but I thought they said white men can’t jump?