I have reached a new milestone in my riding. The odometer on my 36" just passed 1000 miles! Yeah! :slight_smile:

Most of the miles were put on since April of this year. I have been averaging around 10 miles a day, not including holidays, which adds up quickly.


The picture includes my modified KH handlebar and my bell to warn pedestrians of my stealthy approach, as well as my odometer.

The first thousand miles is supposed to be the hardest.


Nice, great milestone Scott!

I would agree that the second thousand should be easier than the first… but then you have to do them faster. :slight_smile:

I only have two miles each way to work at the moment, and as I’m doing it on a bike I’m not clocking up many uni-miles. But it includes 130m of decent (becoming climbing on the way home) so is more fun on a machine with a free-wheel.

Keep chasing that number.


I go past this one on my way to work most days - does that count? :wink:





No, I have a kid.

The unicycle has only one gear. If someone has an extra Schlumpf around I would be happy to give it a new home.


Congrats on the big 1,000! :smiley:

Btw, how is that wireless working for you? Any problems at all with it getting a consistent signal? How far do you have it from the little magnetic disc? I think the max range on wireless is around 18-26", and the positioning has to be just right. Also, I’ve been reading that you can get glitches in the signal when riding near power lines and so on.

My LBS tried setting one up on my 36er, with the monitor on my kh handle, but it wouldn’t register 100%. Only hit & miss. Anyway, I have the cateye strada but the wired one, and it’s been 100% reliable for me, but it would be cool to have a wireless that was as dependable as wired.

Wireless has worked OK. I needed to put the counter up high enough on the frame to be close to the top (but not interfere with the brake) and angle the receiver so that the back faces the counter. The wireless did go out last month until I replaced the transmitter battery.

If I did it again I might just go for wired because it is more reliable.


Congratulations! Thats a long way :astonished: I like your setup, the blue grips look good.

um?? what???

I am trying to figure out how you got that from that…

Its ok blue, not everyone can be as invested in the forums as us

He thought I was talking about A) Getting fixed (as in taking the dog to the vet to get fixed) and B) Asking if his uni was a fixed gear.

What I should have said to avoid confusion was FTFY.

My bad.

Another 1000 miles

In spite of the torrential rains, I have been riding and just completed my second 1000 miles. I passed the first 1000 miles in August, so it has taken me a bit over four months to complete the second set.

We do not have old-school milestones around here, but here is a “milestone” picture from this continent.

Have a good holiday!



Congrats! I have just over 1,600 since 7/11/10. Been riding mostly MUni lately though. Merry Christmas to all! :slight_smile:

!congratulations scott ttocs snoitalutargnoc!


OK, I have now reached the 3000 mile mark. Yeah!

The last 100 miles were on my new rig:

The wheel was repurposed from my KH. The 135 mm cranks work surprisingly well after spending most of my time on 125 mm cranks. I notice a bit higher speed on the uphill and a bit lower speed on the level, but the average is about the same. I think the larger foot movement means that higher speeds take a bit more effort to maintain.

How long do Nightrider tires (tyres) last? I have 1700 miles on this one, and I might be half way through the tread. Are they good for 3000 miles? They are impressively rugged compared with the typical road bike tire.