I reached a long anticipated milestone today:

I finally tried juggling while riding, and I was able to do it!

To be honest, the best run was only 25 throws, and most were only about 9 or so, but I still feel great.:smiley:

I think that the juggling will help my riding as well since it forces me to not over-think my riding. I have to spend more of my attention on the balls and the riding just seems to happen.

I love the feeling of accomplishing something that I have looked forward to for months. :sunglasses:


Re: Milestone

welcome to the path to insanity
i’m working on juggling and turning and idling and juggling at the moment
took this pic last night
(i figured if i’m going to battle with idling and juggling, i might as well battle with onefoot idling and juggling)


Gild, I’m real impressed with the way that you can juggle while riding sideways on a wall:D :astonished:

Mandell, congats on your accomplishment!!!

I was doing a Muni ride last weekend when my daughter called me on my cell phone. I pulled it from my pack and started talking to her while riding down the trail not even aware of the fact that I was multi-tasking. Once I realized that I was talking on the phone and riding down a trail at the same time, I promptly UPD’d

Mandell, it is great to accomplish new feats. Congratulations!!!

I also agree with KK’s quote on multi-tasking. Twenty something years ago when I was learning to juggle, I could actually juggle better while unicycle riding than while juggling alone. Weird huh, but totally true.

Again, Congratulations!!! --chirokid–

Oh yeah, I can face plant WHILE playing unicycle basketball! We need a smilie with a scar across one cheek:).

Congrats Mandell!
I took up juggling originally because I had my hands free while unicycling. It’s great to know that you can do both (and an excellent bragging point to people who can’t do either!)