I finally reached one of my personnal milestones today!!!

I free mounted and rode from one end of my building to the other on the sidewalk (narrow with intruding shrubs, approximately 100 metres). Oddly, I had no problem staying on the sidewalk or negotiating the narrow spots (shrubs). I now have much more confidence that I will be able to get to work in a relatively short time (I missed my goal of May 26th because it took longer than I expected to learn to free mount. - I am still only about 1 in 10).

On another note, I finally met another active unicyclist here in Victoria. He was riding around the Brentwood fair today on KH24. He told me that there was someone looking to form a club here and that this same person was hoping to set the record for backward riding. Anyone know who this is?

I remeber when I was only getting 1 out of 10. It was only a few weeks ago. I am now able to do 10/10 on my left side, and 8/10 on my right. I just learned the right side yesterday. I am now starting to work on idling. Hopefully it won’t take too long to get that down.

On a side not, I started teaching my wife how to ride on Wednesday. She practiced for about 1 hour Wednesday, and another hour on Saturday. I went with a little different aproach as an experiment, and I think it is working out. I taught her how to freemount, then ride. After 2 hours she can freemount and peddle about 10 feet 50% of the time. I am flat out amazed.

Either I am an excellant teacher, or she is a really quick learner.:smiley:
The benefit is she won’t have to learn how to balance w/o support after learning how to balance supported.

Re: Milestone

I was just in victoria for a lacrosse tourney this last weekend… I had both
of my uni’s with me and did a bit of riding… Good to know that there are more
riders on the island.