miles pixs

Hey Miles

I did get a couple of you

Here they are


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: yay!

haha, I finally did get that line around the big boulder! It took about 15 trys though:p

for the third one, uhh painful memories, especially around the collarbone area:)

wow, your litteler than I thought, I think of you as being in your avatar, and the person in your avatar looks bigger.

I think he just found his avatar on google or something. Miles is tiny:)

Nine Pics. Good Job Miles…wish I was there!


i think i have asked you before, but how old are you Miles?


Yeah Miles is smaller then I remember… have you shrunk since Moab? :stuck_out_tongue:

Picture 4.png

could someone please resize the third pic so I can use it as my avatar?


Forums will do it for you. Upload it yourself.

I tried. It said it was the wrong size :frowning:

I don’t know how to resize it…

haha…man i feel dumb.
i always forget this forum has that feature…

how do I resize it?

Try this:


if you open it in photoshop then image>image size
if you want it smaller here it is if you want it different and cant do it PM me and ill do something different.