Miles or km out of a 36 nightrider tire

How many miles/km could I expect to get out of a 36 nightrider tire. I ride on paved roads exclusively at 65 psi.

I tried the search and couldn’t find anything.


I expect it would depend on the nature of the road surface. Roads vary from a very fine smooth surface through to quite coarse sharp gravel.

I have not done enough miles on mine to really know but my impression is that it wears quite well.

Note they have just started being made by a different manufacturer so potentially they could wear differently from the original though I expect the rubber compound would have been specified to be the same hardness.

The new one is 500 grams (~27%) lighter but it appears to have all come from the carcass rather than any reduction in tread. I recon the new one would be a hot seller for anyone who can afford it. I bought one.

Mine has about 1000km and I bought the uni second hand. The tire is hardly used, it still has the molding hairs. If the rubber is decent enough, I don’t see why 36" wouldn’t last for very long. They don’t have many efforts applied to them - can’t say we accelerate/brake hard, no idling. Apart from slow speed zigzagging -and why would you do that with a 36", a 20" is better for that- they’re just gliding on the ground.

I easily did close to 2k miles on my old one before it was stolen and it was only slightly worn.

Ed Pratt is many many thousands of miles into his around the world tour and I believe he’s still on his first tyre:

Thanks for the responses. I love my 36er and just needed to know how long I should plane ahead or stock up if it appears the world starts collapsing.


I don’t have a distance number for mine, but I got my Schlumpf 36" in 2010, have ridden it at least a couple thousand miles, and the tire still looks about the way it did when new. I’m sure the tread is thinner though. I bought one of the new ones, and when I finally get the old one off I’ll weigh them both, but will have to note that my tire has had 7.5 years of use on it.

If true, that would be amazing! When I met him last month, it seems that all the non-factory parts on his unicycle had been repaired or replaced at least once. I am highly doubtful he’s on his original tire after all this time and distance though. But even if he’s on his fifth one, that tells you those things go for an extreme amount of miles!

I thought he replaced it when his hub decided to increase its entropy, and UDC sent him a new wheel, but watching the video it doesn’t look like he replaced the tyre at that time.

Doing some digging, he mentions his second flat of the tour back in 2016, where the tyre looks to still have quite a lot of moulding nubs and a lot of life.

In the July 2017 video it looks to have slightly less nub, and still plenty of life:

September 2017, no nubs and it looks like it’s seen a few years of riding with some cracking appearing but still plenty of tread:

This year, still looks to have no nubs but no closer shots that I can find:

Maybe I’ll ask :wink:

I see that Ed Pratt just posted that he replaced his tire on the North Island of New Zealand. If that is his first change that would be something like 15,000 miles on the tire.

This is great news. Looks like many years of riding on this one.

Then you should because the world has already started to collapse. :smiley:

Wonder how many punctures Ed got though!