Mild hamstring strain.....

I dont think I did this riding the uni, its mild, but riding the uni seems to make it worse so took 3 days off from skating/uni/bike. I guess I “curl” up my legs when I pedal? Just wondering what I can/cant do on a uni so I dont aggravate it. It seems better today so want to do stuff and not have it reinjured.

Any advice/experience? Probably just from doing too much explosive moves too soon without being in shape for it.

I’ve been stretching my legs daily, sometimes more, ever since I started having knee problems earlier this year, and it has worked wonders. To stretch your hamstrings sit with you back against a wall and extend one leg at a time trying to flatten it to the ground.

As I’ve learned, in typical circumstances hamstrings are used the most whenever your weight is shifted back onto your heels, so I imagine any activity that involves forward/backward balance or a skiing like squat/hunch position could stress your hamstrings.

Well, that does confirm that rollerskating bowls kills it the most as you are always squatted down and jumping! And on the bmx you are standing on the pedals squatted down and guess the uni has this somewhat. But it seems better today so I’ll see how the uni goes… I stretch a lot, not sure what I did. Probably too much explosive movements and my muscle wasnt ready for it. Thanks!