Mike Tierney - another epic climb


Hope this isn’t a repeat thread. Check out what Mike’s been up to in Hawaii- a huge climb of Haleakala- over 3000 metres of continuous climbing in about 58 km. Awesome!



Way to go Mike!!

Wow. Go Mike!

Wow! That’s intense! I’ve been up that mountain, and to do that on a uni, is just crazy. Plus it get harder to breathe the higher you get.

Good job!


Congrats to Mike! 6mph average for the 36 miles is great considering the elevation and headwinds! Btw, thos cranks look really long; are they 170’s? I can see how they’d come in handy for that long and steep of a climb!

Very cool!

For the few people that don’t know, that is AspenMike from the forums.

Yeah, the guy who makes everyone jealous with the hi-res photos of his beautiful rides.

This is the start of Mike’s plan for world domination, right?

Utmost respect.

Wow, Mike, you did it again. Awesome! I’ve been up there - it’s a LONG way.


On your UNI?

It was in one of those things with 4 wheels and a gas-pedal. I forget what you call them.

Great job, Mike. The king of all paved climbs, finally ridden by a unicyclist! No one’s more qualified for it than you, buddy.

Um…write up, please?

Ah, man! Maui is my original home state, and I was hoping to be one of the first to uni up Haleakala. About two years ago, I did ride down most of it. I started at the tippy-top (literally – the edge of the viewing platform).

me on top…


wowzers! Nice Job!

Well you can still be one of the first, just not the first. Where are you and Louise going on your honeymoon? Go to Maui, and you could rack up Second and Third credentials. :slight_smile:

Respect. Lots of respect.

Good going Mike!


My hero.

Nice one Mike. Looks like a pretty spectacular place. Now we’re all waiting for more details and some of your excellent pictures :slight_smile:


Awesome job Mike.

A few weeks ago I started looking at the logistics of putting together a Hawaiian Uni Tour. The crux of the tour would likely be Pa’ia to the summit of Haleakala. Did you follow the same route as the Cycle to the Sun (http://www.cycletothesun.com/) event?

I hope you’ll do a write up for the next issue of Uni Mag.