Mike taylor, impact video

Hey guys heres my new impact video enjoy <3

watch in 720p :slight_smile:

Awsome video mate!! :astonished:

It would have been bad if you’d fell off the wrong side of that rail into water!

And the hight you get is crazy…The girl free wheeling down that hill was also verrry cool :sunglasses:

Nice work, keep it up!

uyuyuyu i luved it boy … this is definetely ill shit … so nic dude

awesome vid!! you go big!! :smiley:

Wow, really big hops and drops! I really like your smooth riding style.

Duuuuuuuuuuude Impact were smart to recruit you. Insane riding, this is probably my fave trials vid.

oh god, that was insane

You have the best trials style I reckon, crazy video.

nice man! represent :stuck_out_tongue:

that super high rail ride was pretty super high! also some decent drops in there. the gate ride was probably my favourite part.

keep up the great work :slight_smile:

Dude, this video is insane man, my favorite video on the moment!
Your trials are just sick man!


No doubt about it for me:D

Exactly what I was thinking, and I started the video with the mindset of “i don’t really want to watch trials right now…”

wohow, this is my favourite video at this moment for sure!
realy love your style

siick skills man…blows my mind how high you can jump. just cant comprehend tucking that well on a unicycle…