Mike Taylor and Simon Berry: Trial Street 2010

Here’s a new video from the two of us, we hope you enjoy it!

It was filmed over 3 days this summer by me, mike, will and a tripod!

There’s loads of left over footage, so expect an unused clips video, and a sequel to the first silly video :stuck_out_tongue:

Please comment, even if you hate it!

Also, Thanks to Voodoo Unicycles, Unicycle.com and Impact unicycles!

freakin awesome guys - simon your great at trial! whats your highjump? mike your side hops looked awesome!

SUPER AWESOME . love the bit from 0.00 to the end :stuck_out_tongue:
soo good :slight_smile:

emily, you aren’t allowed on the forums!
Amazing video, loved the whole thing :slight_smile: hard to pick out specific bits :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks dude, you’re way better at trials than me though :stuck_out_tongue: <3
SIF sidehop: 87cm :stuck_out_tongue:
SI static: 75cm
SI prehop: 90cmish
Rollinghop: The ledge in the video was about 110!

I think if i went there for a day i could hit the 110 ledge SI prehop :slight_smile:

:smiley: <3

Thanks, Ali! <3

was that a doubleflip up that ledge at 3:15? epic.

this video motivates me, im gonna put as much time into si and rolling as i do to sif now.

BEAST!!! eff this video is legit. Thanks so much for posting!

Simon, where have you been all my life? Mike…brah…make more videos.

Loved it :smiley:

how do… what… i… dang. amazing.

you can hop higher si than sif ?

yeah id understand that lolv :thinking:

I’m the same way