Mike Taylor and Jason Auld in Pepsi Max video

We just got some great publicity from our Voodoo lads. Mike and Jason got in Unbelievable Uncovered sessions. They did a great job.

Yep, that’s a good promotional video. I think the unicycle guys come out of it looking best.

To the non unicyclists out there those manoeuvres are gonna look really cool.

Awesome video, and great exposure for the sport! A lot of kids who see that are going to say, “I gotta try that!”
Or, better yet, “I want a unicycle for Christmas!” That’s how the sport will grow, when enough people start spending money on it that big sponsors get interested and promote it. (Like Pepsi.)

Aye, Great video

Really cool manoeuvres guys :slight_smile:

The good part starts at 1:06.