Mike Taylor 130 +

my personal best…going aiming for 140 this year


:astonished: I can’t wait to get up to the 3 numbers too:p When all of you guys that hops toooo high will not be able to ride trials like this anymore I will have the record :roll_eyes:

Awesome Hop!!:slight_smile:

is it a world record?

And amazing that you can jump so high :astonished:

ooooo u will get the last one soon by the looks of it. congrats on the second hop anyway

if only

that isn’t…the world record is 142cm that i know off

Static 106cm
Sidehop 133cm

Congrats on Impact sponsorship!

welcome in the impact team man!!!
great side hops

cya at buc in stockton, i’ll be there, i’ll book my flight next week hopefully :slight_smile:



impressive jumps, man!


Hehe, I guess I don’t pay enough attention to jump heights because was trying to figure out units of the thread title, and the first thing that came to mind was somebody 130 rode their own age? :thinking:

Really pleased to be part of the team!

cya at BUC!

thanks :smiley:

You’re awesome