Mike Taylor 104cm static

my best static…

:astonished: sweeeeet! very very nice


That HAS to be a record. I’m going to get my record now. Thanks for the motivation.:slight_smile:

Yeeee dude, sick.

How long have you been riding?

he’s been riding about 3 years. i filmed this and the video doesnt give it justice. 104 is HUGE static!! Mike said Fabian holds the record at 108. later in the day mike was nearly hitting 106…

Mike is a beast!




Good work man, very impressive! My static-height is about 85 or 90 cm… but I’m a few years older :slight_smile:


Pssh, thats nothing. Last night I hit 44 cm static. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m gonna go practice, you’ve inspired me.

:astonished: thats beastly man, you rock! :smiley:

LOL thanks guys :smiley: