Mike Parentenau (pinkbike VOD sept 20, 08)

Mike got the pinkbike video of the day on Sept 20th, 2008. check it out.

well wicked video dude.
good work aye.

Wow nice riding! and nice environment :astonished: !

nice riding both on 2 and 1 wheel i liked it!!! nice trail too ^^

Nice riding. I really enjoyed it.

Great riding :smiley: :smiley:

How do you like those Rock Garden pads. I read about someone who heard (I know, kind of iffy) their quality and protection was kind of low.

That was some Bad-Ass Muni!!! You got that trail owned…
Mighty Fine Riding.

Very cool video. It’s hard to make a good muni vid that can hold my attention for longer then a min or so, but this one did it.

The comments on pinkbike are interesting to read. There is a mix between people who are very impressed and people who are complaining about all the uni vids.