Mike Padial - Video of the week

I’m going to make a video every week of 2012,here is the first one

Good luck man! I’m looking forward to this!

Nice riding! The tricks off the rail were really clean!

Mike! :smiley: That was so great :slight_smile: I loved the 180 out of the chain :slight_smile: and those rolling hops are getting huge!

dude sick i can’t wait for more i loved the rail ride backwards to backflip off!!!

Heres week 2 :smiley:

Awesome and fun! Keep 'em coming!

Nice. Really like the uni hockey. What was your puck?
Now you should try it on actual ice. :smiley:

the puck was a crushed can hahah

Another cool video Mike. This thread is going to be pretty epic by the end of the year :slight_smile:

Heres week 3

nice long line!!!
look like you have built an awesome trial park… :smiley:

this was awesome, good luck with the project!

Heres week 4 (old clips), week 5 should be a good video because i’m going to be in a big city in the next few days

I liked the Trials lines! The first line looked pretty fun. Are you riding a Mad4One hub? I’ve heard about spoke breaking issues… did you break any spokes yet? I already have mine, I’m just waiting for my rim.

I had a mad4one hub untill i got my kris holm uni, no issues with breaking spokes untill i jumped the 12 set in my auckland video :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha! I remember that video… I shouldn’t have any problems then, I normally dont jump big stair sets!

And also, congrats for being on the Kris Holm team :slight_smile:

I never broke spokes before I got my m4o hub broke two wheels in less than 2 weeks with it and broke over 18 spokes at once on a small drop. :frowning:

well i don’t know if it makes a difference but mine is 32 hole and i built the wheel myself