Mike Padial - Clips

Merry Christmas !!

Made a video of some clips that i had lying around.Hope you enjoy it :smiley:

Niiiiice :smiley:
But Mike taylor and i used the song :stuck_out_tongue:

Merry christmas to you too :slight_smile:

Agh oh well its the first time ive used someone elses song lol.Uber pumped for unicon right now !!

Loved the line where you grinded that round rail. Nice style:p

dang son! over 5 pallets! You’re going to kick some butt at Unicon.

very nice. i liked the clip riding along the chain

Wow, very impressive! Can’t wait for your new vid!

very nice vid!!!
love the grind, 5pallet hop, the first skinie (ketting?) :p, everything of the vid :smiley:

That was some sick riding man. Loved watching all of it!