Mike Padial - Clips 2

Got a bunch of footage off good ol Duncan Matheson so i made a video.Enjoy :smiley:

this was an awesome video :smiley: nice simple edit too i miss that


Realy liked the ‘bin/skinny-line’

Some great stuff there. I really liked the slackline, it’s a totally different feeling to riding a skinny but you (almost) nailed it.

So nice style man! Loved it

nice :slight_smile:

awesome! :smiley:

brilliant! song isn´t my favorite, but oh well. optic channel overkill ^^ oO great riding.

Awesome! Ther riding was really great! I liked it alot, your hops a really smooth and clean!:slight_smile:

What everyone else said. I liked it. Nice filming editing and riding.

Thanks for the comments,im surprised with the response to be honest.I cant wait till my foots healed and i can make a video of my best stuff like i did back in the old days.I’m going to upload footage from unicon i also got off Duncan

what tire are you running?

I was running a monty eagleclaw in the video but im trying a tryall stiky light at the moment and i like it so far