Mike Padial - Auckland Ride

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How come you could upload this so fast and it took me like 5 days to get mine up… xD

Make sure you comment guys! Mike Padial: Most under-rated trials rider in the world.

Ahhh the joys of living :stuck_out_tongue: maybe cause i was active on the computer while it uploaded and no ones using the net

That was great! The tree trials were really cool, and I like how few correction hops there are in all of your lines! Too bad about your wheel.

That was a phenomenal vid…Great scenery and great riding!!!

Man, I don’t even usually watch trials videos but this was phenomenal!

Love your riding so much :slight_smile:

Also, very impressed that the Nimbus frame held up. Do you ride Nimbus mainly? It shows that the Nimbus’ are quality uni’s because you put your trial uni’s through stressful rides…

Nimbus frames are really strong and nimbus posts/chromoly posts are really strong but only if you have a carbon fiber base.The posts break almost straight away for me if i use plastic

NICE! I loved that! Your lines are so smooth!
First the frame and now the wheel. Bummer bro!
I can’t wait to see you land the 12 set though!

Not true, one of my 10 favourites style-wise. Good stuff, eh?

awesome vid!!
Its nice to see a new really good vid of you =D
and that stair jump was insane :wink:

Good job and show us more!!

I dont like trials but i absolutely love yours.


very good :slight_smile:

Mike, that was sick.

Not only was the riding great but I loved the vivid colours of the flowers and the water…

which sounded less gay in my head.

Well done bro, really enjoyed this.


Wow what a great video. I like the riding, the camera work, the scenery, everything.

Love the vid, so many trials lines from my daily life! I have walked or ridden past almost all of them. Nice to see someone riding all the lines I’ve visualised in my head from wandering around those areas. Can’t believe you tried that 12 stair, that one petrifies me. Must bring my trials uni into Auckland uni and have a go at some of the less scary ones.

Yeah Peter i loved riding in Auckland,no one told me it was trials paradise!!

I don’t usually like to watch trials but that was a really cool video!
that stairset was huge! you would have landed that if the uni was strong enough;)
guess it’s time for a new one!

Mike! This was a really great trials video. One of the best actually! Nice simple edit that was really enjoyable with more than amazing trials! But my favorite thing about it is that your wearing a sinco video in almost every clip :smiley: haha