Mikael Hébert- Video 1

There: http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=S1ErUneZomo

good viddy man.

That was really good :wink: a little too much flips, but still very nice :smiley:

Nice video, nice riding. I didn’t like the music but that’s preference.

P.S. I want to see what pele will say since someone else has learned his exclusive mount.

That was your best video yet Mikael.

Good job on the treflip and the crankflip out of grind.


EDIT: the music sucked as usual.

great video!:smiley:


I did show it to you Mikael… what are you talking about…?

But yeah, Mikael showed me that clip awhile ago and I already applauded him for it :p. It was a bit sketch, but still cool of course!

The whole Vid was nice Mikael. You’ve even improved a bit since we last rode (like August 9 for those who don’t know).

you didnt learn it to me, I only asked you to do it once while we were riding :smiley:

Hell yeah! I play starcraft with this guy!

But, I still like muzzles mount better. Its basically the same, but with just one foot.

Yeah, I didn’t teach you it… but I showed you it…

My mount I do only do it with 1 foot… I don’t see why people seem to think I kick the seat 2 footed. Maybe because I jump with 2feet at the same time :thinking:

It’s about time I see Muzzle’s version.

At the very start.

tell me when u want to play again :smiley:

eh, I like my version better :stuck_out_tongue:

Its still pretty much the same though.

btw the trick in the video is NOT a “pele mount” but a “switch pele mount”, I find it easier and more confortable :stuck_out_tongue: