Mikael Hebert Last Clips: Good Bye Everyone

Lady Gaga :heart:

you only love Lady Gaga because it reminds you of me Marin <3

Mikael don’t quit man! You have such nice style and your so fun to watch ride :frowning:

Tis a sad day indeed… I don’t think I could ever quit of my own free will. It’s sort of the only thing I do with my time aside from work.

That’s a bit late to say. It’s been a long time he quit, those were just old clips.

Dude, Mik, just got an idea.

Ride the damn unicycle.

That last clip was wow :astonished:

With that skill, why quit?

Emile is right, those clips has been filmed months ago, I didn’t take unicycling serious since 2009. Many tricks I didn’t ever film that would have been nice to put in video. For exemple late 540spin that I can land pretty clean, trippleflip down 3stairs, 450-450 with no hop between, etc etc.

dude you got an awesome style

just dont sell your uni is all i ask… cause one day you will realize that you made a mistake by quitting :stuck_out_tongue:

ill never sell my uni, I promess