MightyMite Triathlon

A couple of us MUCsters are talking about doing this local little Triathlon in July.

1/3 mile swim
13 mile ride
3 mile run

I’m told by the race director that the ride is “real hilly”. But its all road.

I will be riding the 29er. It now has 125s. Does anyone advise longer cranks? I’m reasonably comfortable with the 125s, but I’ve not done “real hilly”. My rides around the 'hood are “real flat”.

I did a 30km ride on my “29”. it is in brackets because the tire actually says 28" on the side. Anyways, I did it with 102mm cranks, and i was amazed at the climbing ability. it could munch it’s way up ANY hill, no matter the steepness, and th only reason i would fall would be it it was badly rutted. i’d say you’d have more than enough torque for going up hills, and i’d even suggest doing it with 102s. They are very nice!

anyways, have fun. I think you will be very bored, and fell your legs are going to far if you put on cranks that are any longer.


Re: MightyMite Triathlon

125s should be pretty fast on the road. The transition from cycling to running is really good because you don’t need to change shoes on a unicycle if you wear your running shoes :stuck_out_tongue:
Also I find that with the shorter cranks (compared with biking 170mm cranks) you can hit the run with legs feeling pretty good, rather than legs that feel like they are still going around in circles!

Good luck,


Re: MightyMite Triathlon

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)A couple of us MUCsters are talking about doing this local little
)Triathlon in July.
)1/3 mile swim
)13 mile ride
)3 mile run

Suggestion: if you’re going to do the ride on a uni, you should do something
odd on the other sections also. Maybe do the backstroke on the swim section,
and run backwards.

OK, I think I may get some 102s to test. Especially for the flat races I’ll do in the future.

Being new to the 29er, I’m just trying to get comfortable going fast. And remember, I’m on 125s at present. I’m trying to completely eliminate the tiny wobble. Shorter cranks help that, yes?

Last night I rode about 7.5 miles winding up at the softball fields where my daughter was going to play. At this park I chanced upon a group of folks doing intervals of 30 secs flat out and 30 secs jog. They didn’t mind me joining in.

On the flat out period, I could pass everyone except for 2 guys. I’ve paid attention to you people, so I concentrated on making “Little Circles”. That was fun and informative.

I’ve got to find some sizable paved hills to train on.

Thanks for the advice.

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