Might move, wheres the best trials community at?

I was wondering… I might move out of this town relatively soon. If I moved to a city, what city would be the best for me to move for trials in the USA? I am not talking about cities with trials obstacles but people to ride with. I like riding with both bike trials and uni trials guys. who has a solid trials community?
Are there any indoor trials gyms here in the usa?
let me know guys.
look at video below if your interested in how I ride.

Chicago!!! you know you wanna come to the greatest city in the world! :sunglasses:
Except its not quite what you’re looking for. I don’t think anyone rides bike trials in chicago (maybe a few people) and there’s only a couple of uni trials riders. :frowning:

Yay Chicago!!! But like Surfer said, it’s not exactly like you’d think… There are a couple bike trials riders but they don’t really ride together. We have a couple unicyclists who will hopefully have a bunch of rides in the future.

What’s wrong with CA? If you really wanted to do a lot of trials (it’s out of the US…) England would be awesome for trials.

St. Cloud MN.

We got a few riders just in st. cloud, and weekly rides in Duluth, as well as a few in the cities. I mean, thats just the ones ive seen on OTN, theres plenty more i know, we have trials comps in Duluth yearly.

(Thats bike trialsists)

now uni trials -

Theres not much here from what i know, but i’m really hoping i can affect Mondo Juggle Fest enoguh to set up a trials course, and i am also planning to make a trials fest/convention either this winter, or next summer.

I think you should just move here, so i can ride with you lol. But, we got a bunch of cool bike trialsers here, and a bunch of the bike trialsers do uni trials i’m pretty sure.

Also, if you do, for whatever reason in hell that you have :P, decide to move here, come stop by, just PM me, and i’ll give you more details.

but yes, I know theres an annual trials competiton in the Duluth area, and there are wednsday night rides there too. I also know in St. Cloud, we have a few trials riders there, as well as a bunch of others in surrounding areas. Then, in a near by area, there lives Andy Cotter, who has a really bitchin trials set up at his house i think. He also has “down on the farm MUni”, which that day also has a small trials comp, where you set up the course before hand (theres 2 different levels), and he does that twice a year at least i know.

Edit: i’ll post a few pics i took from Duluth while riding with Rudy, and Brian then sometime.

oh yeah, in the cities we have TCUC, which i’m fairly sure is like the biggest group in the nation.

You guys fail. NYC’s where its at. :roll_eyes:

There is a big uni group in NYC though, if you consider that… They meet the first and third saturday of each month. I hear its pretty fun.

I don’t really think there is a big trials community anywhere. The only place that I can think of would be Hungary, they have trials bike parks and stuff like that there.

But I’m guessing you are aiming at staying in North America or even in the U.S. in which case I would say probably California, or where any of the really big unicycle clubs are.

Still though there isn’t much in terms of a comunity for trials, there aren’t even that many trials riders out there and they seem to be quite spread out.

It would seem that for the biggest communities, you would have to look at hockey, Muni, freestyle, and street.

I’m sure though if you go to one of the big clubs and you start riding a lot of trials there you can build up a community.

heres some pics from Duluth MN near the end of summer. It was raining that day.

Edit: sorry about quality, it was shot on my bad camera.

dc or pilli

any other ideas?

santaaaaaa barbaraaaaaaaaa :smiley:

Spokane… =p

Id pick a really popular urban city. Like Sydney, where they have a lot of artitechual art. Find a place like that in the states and your pretty much set.

Trials Riding with Bikers

Riding with Bikers is great. You feel that you really have to push yourself to not look small compared to them! Here in Isrea the Unicycle and Bike Trial communities are both pretty small so we tend to ride together quite often. I must say that it is great! It is always importatnt to have an audience that understands what you are doing or attempting to do! I feel very lucky that I can always find at least someone to ride trials with.


Calgary is a great city. We have over 15 active bike trials riders, and a few uni guys that come once in a while and… me! I ride a lot. There is a shortage of pretty much all labor in calgary, so finding a job here is a piece of cake.

Vancouver is also amazing.

Screw Trials.

Come over to the Seattle area and ride Street with me!

I don’t really see many bike-trialsists around here in Portland but you’ve already had a taste of the great stuff to ride on around here haha. I’m sure there are quite a few bike trials riders around though. I suggest finding a bike trials forum and registering then asking about where the big communities are.

Yeah! Dude! Joe, you should move to Cali, something like… Kingsburg, maybe. That’d be sweet.

still looking for ideas. let me know what you think! an indoor trials gym would be killer. or just lots of trials uni or bike guys.

OTTAWA Even though its in canada =D

told you before, Minnesota’s the place to be!

lol The majority of people in this thread have suggested where they live.