Midwest Trials Comp

May 21 and 22 2005

Registration is noon on May 21st
Rider Classes:

Unicycle (Same rules as Toque)
Begginer, Sport, Expert, and Pro Stock & Mod Bike Classes

NORBA Sanctioned

Single Speed Stocks permitted
note. Stock & Mod will run together
Prizes and Awards for top riders in all caegories, lots of free stuff!

email for directions:
Isaac Neff : IsaacLn@juno.com (574)238-3715
Sam Markley: Smarkley@bnin.net (574)536-0176

Last year was a great turn out and this year it is possible that it will be one of the biggest if not the biggest trials even in the midwest. It is a nice town with hotels under 3 miles from the competion site. Arrangements could be possible with local riders including myself. email me at IsaacUnicycle@biketrials.com.


The Midwest Trials event is in Winona Lake Indiana. It is about 30 min. west of Ft Wayne. Just put it into Map quest. Zip code here is 46590.

Wowzers this event sounds like alot of fun. If only i could make it.

I’ll have to see if i can make it to this

man that sounds awesome, if any riders are passing through Des Moines, lemme know I’ll chip in on gas

Im comming from chicago, can anyone give me a ride? or does anyone need a ride?

I wish i could make it
i live in Peoria, Arizona…
im 13 years old …
i cant make it to any events because all of the are too far away!!!
i wish i had a job to get on a air plane and fly there.

bye bye peeps

I’m planning on coming for the whole weekend this time. It shouldn’t be a problem getting the time off.

when and where is it in this year (06)?

lol thats was last year… when i was 13…