Midwest Regionals Update

Regionals is shaping up nicely for what we have to do right now. The biggest thing is fundraising which is going pretty well. We just finished an Avon fundraising sales thingy and our World’s Finest Chocolate bars should arrive next week.

I don’t understand why people laughed at me when I was trying to do my part in the fundraising. To demonstrate the quality of our Avon products, I offered to throw in free facials but didn’t get any takers.

Mary and I had the World’s Finest salesman in our home to display his fundraising program. He really unloaded the samples on us. We’re getting low on the chocolate samples now so we’re trying to decide on who to have visit us next, Hershey’s or Katherine Beich. :slight_smile:

Seriously, we’ve got the registration materials all set for Regionals, which we’ll make available after the first of the year…yes, Mr. Kurland, we’ll post them here. We’re planning on a full contingent of food for the event and even have use of the school’s cafeteria and all it’s equipment. Yippee! We’ll have two gymnasiums to use, one to use as a practice gym and one for the competition. So far, the schedule is similar to last April’s regionals at TCUC, open gyms on Friday night; fun games, mini-trials course, possibly long jump and high jump Saturday morning; Standard Skills, individuals and pairs freestyle routines Saturday afternoon; hockey in the evening; then hopefully we’ll land a large room at a local place for an afterwards hangout.

Come one, come all to our weekend party. We’re planning on having a lot of fun! Rochelle (pop. 9500) is a great place with lots to offer (except for a mountain downhill event). We have indoor plumbing in many homes and even a stoplight in town. If you’d like a sneak peak of our town, the dramatic movie “A Thousand Acres” with Michelle Pfeiffer, Jessica Lange, and Jason Robards was filmed here.

Hope to see you at Regionals.

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(815) 562-3876