Midwest Regionals pictures are posted!

We retained David Barrow, an action sports photographer, for our Regionals event to take some action shots of our riders. After one long day and 900+ pictures later, David captured some amazing shots during the course of the event and has posted his work on his website, http://www.ocphotos.net. Follow the “Photos” link. Then the “View All Images” button is a great way to peruse the pictures. I’ve seen samples of his actual photos and they are top notch!

David has offered a special deal to the unicycling community. He says,
[i]" Finally got all nine-hundred and something pictures posted. Whew! it’s a pretty monumental collection of photos.

I am offering a really good deal on a personal photo CD that you might want to let folks know about. For $35 you can choose a photo of an individual and I will run down all their photos and put them on a CD. I’m sure these run into the dozens for some folks. I don’t do this for most groups. Anyone with more than four or five photos really ought to get this."[/i]

Be sure to check it out. We had a great time and it definitely shows through in the pictures.


Excellent… Thanks for letting us know!

…and be sure to notice the awesome trials course that Max built!

That is so cool that you had a professional photographer. There are some good photos. I’m not used to seeing that many photos actually come out especially when shooting indoors in a gym.


David had quite the expensive equipment. On Friday morning, I met him at the gym and we hung four strobes high on four basketball backboards high up on the posts. His camera had a remote trigger that flashed the strobes for the picture. In a couple of the pictures, you can see a strobe flashing.

There are also a couple shots of folks looking at computer screens. That was David’s setup out in the hallway. When he took a picture, the picture was transmitted to the bank of computers and people could view the pictures immediately on the computer screens then purchase one and have it printed out on the spot. It was the neatest setup.

We’re talking to him about spending a couple days at NAUCC this summer to take some pictures.

We met David at Ben and Brad’s soccer games. He’s an action sports photographer and shoots their games quite often. He’s also an avid mountain biker and oddly enough, a former English professor at Northern Illinois University but got tired of spending all day in the classroom so turned his hobby into a business.


Excellent pictures! In case anyone was wondering what’s the “proper” way to take pictures of unicycling activities in a relatively dark gym, that’s obviously it. Pictures like that at a larger convention, where people are dressed up and more top riders are concentrated, would be great to see.