Micro giraffe (normal height seat)

So my friend mark and I are going to be doing some group traveling out of the country in a month or so and were thinking about how cool it would be to bring a uni’s along. Problem is that we both own 24’s and don’t have the room to bring them.

As you may have seen on here previously, we have built a giraffe before out of a bmx bike, but my question today is whether anyone here has built a micro giraffe out of a tiny “bmx” style bike and just made it the same height and possibly gearing to resemble a standard 20-24" uni. That way the wheels would be small enough to pack.

I’d love to hear some feedback or advice. Anyhow, we’re probably going to try and build them anyway, and will let you guys know if and how it goes…


You mean something like this?http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=656


i had a wicked dream a few nights ago, with one of these buggers in it. the sprockets had been replaced and it was geared up to sickening speeds, i recall riding it and travelling so fast that i could hardly maintain traction around slick corners. does anyone know if the drive or maybe axle sprockets could be easily replaced to tweak the gearing ratio? i’d like one of these if it could be made to go fast. hehe :smiley:

ah yes. the mini giraffe. so hard to ride. the seat post extender that makes it close to normal height for us tall folks makes it easier, but as is its like riding a uni with the seat 2 feet too low. hilarious looking though.

not sure if you can change the gearing but they really are quit fun to ride, and absolutely hilarious to watch some ride with out the seat post extention.

We saw this at UNICON 2002. It was at the Seafair Torchlight Parade and the guy rode it the entire parade length, all 3½ hours of it.


That “guy” is Guy Hansen’s son Brian. The Hansens have a large collection of novelty unicycles. Some of you may recall that it’s Guy who is generally credited with creating the first unicycle that used the Coker tire - and later apparently convinced the Coker tire company to produce the “Big One”.

On a related note Brian recently ebarked on a two-year mission where he will teach people about his church. Missionaries from the Mormon church are routinely assigned to serve in nearly all the countries of the world. Guess where Brian was assigned?

Minneapolis Minnesota. :wink:

So, all you TCUC riders keep a lookout for a trails-ridin’, one-wheeled Mormon missionary.


Hahaah! Thats so funny to see that picture that Yoopers posted.
Thats me in the red shirt, and my brother on the left. Brian was kind enough to let me ride the whole Seatle Seafair Parade on the mini.

It was a bummer when his 4 wheeled uni got a flat tire (you can see half of it on the ground in the same picture). So we ended up taking turns on the mini.

I’m pretty sure it was geared to a 24" wheel. It was a blast to ride! It was definitly a highlight for me, aside from the amazing Muni rides, and riding Harper’s uni.5

I heard that the mini giraffe (the one that is sold on unicycle.com) is really hard to turn on. Looks like fun though anyway. thick tire.