Michigan Uniers?

The biking scene in michigan is pretty good, we have a large amount of moderately difficult trails that are very well kept by the MMBA. Biketrials is growing in popularity here too. we have downtown flint which is deemed the best place in the country to ride urban trials. there are also a few strong freeride and downhill groups as well… (People to be converted…)

what I can’t find are people to ride unicycles with.

I have been told that Sem Abrhams is from the dtroit area, is this true?

If so, what clubs or events is he involved in?

i’ve kept an eye out in the froum for people from MI but haven’t seen any.

I’d love to find an experienced person to ride Muni with next season, maybe do some snow riding with during the winter.

i’ve got a group of people that ride downhill bikes and trials that are waiting for me to finish building frames for them. they have already purchased the rest of the unicycles and are ready to go.

it’d just be nice to find out about a club or even some individuals to join in on the fun. I’ve checked the USA directories for clubs and found very little.

if anyone knows of any michiganders that partake in the one wheeled joy of cycling i’d appreciate any “match making” you could do.


Re: Michigan Uniers?

I have just recently gotten involved with the Redford Township Unicycle Club. I am not aware of their year-round activities yet, so I can’t report on that. Some there do some muni. I haven’t gotten into that yet, but maybe next summer.

I had noticed your Flint location from recent posts. Hopefully some connection can be arranged. With the size of the club here some common activities should come up.

Sem resides a few miles from me, but I haven’t met him, and I don’t know what involvement he has with the club.

Feel free to drop a line, I can answer or pass it on.
georgekleinert at cs dot com

Thanks for the info George,

I have an email on it’s way to the club.

Hope to see you there soon.

Also, I live in flint when I’m in school. I currently live in the pontiac area and work in troy. so i’m fairly close to the REford area.

thanks again,

Im up in Houghton at MTU, i found that all the unicyclers up here just hide out, anyways i wish i had a friend, all my friends can unicycle, theyve all learned, but none have unicycles, maybe ill just get a cheap uni that people can use

There are some good riders right across the river in Sarnia
(and Sarnia is only an hour away from London, I’m always open for a meeting at a mutually convenient place :slight_smile: )

I live in Grand Rapids. Feel free to IM me on AIM. airproofing2


I’m going to school at WMU, in Kalamazoo. I ride urban trials. When I’m not at school, I’m back in Adrian, which is about 40mins south of Ann Arbor.

I’m a very active member of RTUC. We do meet every Saturday and Monday for indoor practice. See our web site for locations. www.rtuc.org
We’re gearing up to send a huge group to NAUCC this year. (This would be a great time for George to start coming to practice again; hint, hint!)

There is a group that meets every Wednesday night for Basketball. Channel 4 is coming out tonight to do a segment about it. PM me if you’d like details.

There is a group of riders who Muni in the summer, usually on Sunday afternoon around the Brighton area.

Eventually you’ll meet everyone, see you soon.

i live in negaunee, its realy close to marquette michigan. Im also not to far from grand rapids.I been ther a few times.