Michael Jackson upgrading his Uni?

Jagur- did you post this?:

Bubbles get’s a new wheel?

Looks like somebody’s gained some waight, needs a new hub…


Re: Michael Jackson upgrading his Uni?

nope,i dont do e-bay.is there actually somone one who would buy that?$9 dollarz is to much,if it was me you would know because the price would be much lower… :sunglasses:

funny that you bring up auctions.i feel another tranformation coming on and the KH20 may be parted out. :astonished:

Don’t think it’s Jagur, 'cause the location is listed as “West Palm Beach”… unless there’s a “West Palm Beach” in Salem, Oregon…

Judging by his last post, Jagur’s somewhere slightly west of the Aleutian Islands right now… OR, considering that he’s recently changed his avatar again, he’s safe and dry at home, silently lurking, lurking, lurking… waiting to strike when we least expec…

Who are you?

Jagur? Jagur who? Wait! [I]urk! splat! gag!!! uuuurk!


Sorry about the other day, Jagur!

Really! Please come back! I won’t be mean and angry again. (as long as you leave my avatar alone!)

Jeeeez! Another slow/late post! Guess it’s time to go to bed!

Glad yer back, anyhow, Jagur!


i was making great time,but i was side tracked by some hula dancers in Hawaii and before i knew it, the week-end was almost over.

its good that i turned back anyway,it was very difficult swimming with my uni strapped on my back.if i ever do it again i think i’ll float the uni on a small raft and tow it.that way i can take short brakes sleeping on the dingy.

I really DO hope that you had your UNI hermetically sealed against the salt water in which you were doggy-paddling!

The fact that you were way-laid by Hawaiin Hula dancers betrays the fact that you left your GPS device at home (or lost it in the drink?). Unless you intended to visit GizmoDuck in New Zealand (tough luck, since he’s in Iceland right now!), you were on a completely wrong course. I’m glad that you made it back safely in time for the Monday to Friday grind. Wouldn’t want you to be late for work on my account!

Heh, heh!

I wasn’t really worried that you’d turn up on my doorstep! It’s still another 100 Kms/60 miles from the coast to Kyoto… and you with a rusty UNIcycle…


Thank the gods for Hula dancers!

Re: Re: Michael Jackson upgrading his Uni?

didnt you just buy that KH20? :thinking:

Re: Re: Re: Michael Jackson upgrading his Uni?

yes i did,hang around RSU long enough and you wont ask why.you’ll just except it and maybe (if ya got the cash) you can benefit from my loss.