Michael and Jonny's Video Is Finished!

Yep its all done. I’ve been at this video since right after i finished my last one on the 1st of June, and I’ve been planning it out and talking with mike about it for even longer. Just to justify, (not that I need to really) all my moves in this video are basically leg around variations. You may call it repetitive but consider that even though there is a lot of leg around stuff from me, none of the leg around variations are repeated in the video. For example, if you see leg around five times twice, it might be in reverse one time and regular the other, or I may do a grab at the beginning or end of it, thereby making it a different trick. I think this is the most leg around variations ever in one video lol. Also I put a lot of leg around stuff in, because you guys already have seen the regular stuff from me enough, and you know I can do that nonsense, so I thought I’d keep it fresh. Again I really didn’t have to justify all that, but I knew some wannabe/chav would complain about it if not. Mike it was cool doing a video with you, you rock, and deserve more credit for your riding.

The reason I got so excited when I got the leg kick to leg around 5 times was because I hadn’t landed that in like a month or so, and because I’ve only seen it done once before by xavier and his didn’t have a leg kick,so I thought it would be awesome. However, I’m better at leg arounds now, so it isn’t as exciting, but I loved my reaction to it, lol.

Oh and videos are a lot more fun to watch if you don’t do a lot of heavy criticising people. So just enjoy it!

Anyways, that said, the video can be seen here:


Much Love,
JonnyTheKid and Mike:)

I am really looking forward to see this vid. I like the spots that you filmed at, with the art in the background, and thetas just from looking at those sample pictures. Keep up the great riding, can’t wait to see the next video you put out!

great vid! You are way to good at leg arounds:)

yo ive allreay said this in MSN but

ace video

you rock

very nice. I like the music and scenery. What’s with the clip of all the money?

That was pretty sick!

That was awesome. Jonny, I have noticed that you really like backwards circles:) I really have to learn those double flips…and those crazy leg rounds, my record is only 2:(

that was a great vid!!!
o ya and what was with all the money?

good video BUT I think there is too much repetition of the same stuff. ONCE MORE I will say I gotta see u ppl bussting over stairs…

Wow that was awesome.

The kick to leg around 5 times and leg around reverse 5 times was awesome. How consistent can you get leg arounds and leg around reverses with 3 or more times?

Mike, i really liked the crankflip over that grass gap (with the sloped concrete thing in the middle), the double flip, and those hops. How high was the rolling hop onto the planter? Looked at least 25".

One minor suggestions for whoever edited, i noticed in alot of jonnys clips of the leg arounds, it took to long to switch clips and just showed extra hopping (you need some extra hopping to show you landed the trick but not too much). You should try less hopping between your leg around variations (or edit it).

Another thing that would be cool to see would be a leg around 3x, land, leg around 3x reverse without as minimal hops in between. Or something like that.

Almost every time I can get three if I want, but I usually go for more, becuase I’m never satisfied.

It makes me feel smooth, even though I know its very simple. I’ll be doing harder stuff in other videos and I’m learning way hard stuff now, but those are just kinda fun to me, yeah.

We hustle hard, maybe? I don’t know.

I guess you didn’t take the time to read what I wrote at the top…scrapes egg off max’s face

Love the video Jonny, you are amazing at everything you do. I am sorry for the delay in me sending clips and the quality of those clips (prime example, my double flip off the curb looked pants).

I am glad I have finally managed to see it, the forums were down for a bit so have just managed to watch it.

It seems weird that the video’s done, we have been at it a while and its over and looks great.

Thanks Jeff for your comments, I measured that planter and it was 3 of Amanda’s shoes… I think about 75cm ish.

Max, your a great rider but jonny put a pretty good warning on there, thanks for the constructive criticism of the sets, I didnt find the time to film me tricking a six set. Next time for you I will go alot bigger for you personnally.

Thanks everyone for the comments, I hope there will be a few more.

Great vid guys! Its a cool idea, you two teaming up to make a vid.
Those were some insane seat wraps jonny, and those hops are seriously high Mike!

Great vid!

Im trying to get one up to the forums at the minute!

Rock on!

Just because you warn about something doesn’t make it okay.

That being said I didn’t see the movie because I can’t watch windows media files. Maybe its fine maybe its not, just an observation.


Well, thanks for your observation, you have been a great help.


lol! to that last comment
great vid guys liked it alot, looks like u got ur grinds down now mike, and seat raps were craz johnny

SICK video guys… keep it up. you are really good.:smiley:

Great vid, Jonny and Mike! I liked the editing and the riding. I can do one leg around. :slight_smile:

But doesn’t it make you feel so special! Jonny gave me a shout in a vid and I bragged about it at work all day. :stuck_out_tongue: Bear thought it was totally cool, too.

Cool Video!

I think I will go out for a ride on my unicycle now.


wow yall are too nice, im glad you guys liked it too:). and blake you can leg around? thats awesome its a great trick, and fun to do variations with.