Miata carbon base to KH post?

I have a Miata CF base, and a KH rail adapter, along with many standard KH posts. without paying 70$ for a new rail adapter is there another way to attach the base to the post. has anyone tried making a nylon or rubber shim?

Can you just drill the different hole pattern in the base?

the curviture (sp?) is different.

That’s not a big deal. Just make sure the mounting plate doesn’t contact the carbon fiber at a point or along an angled edge.

What I do is put fender a fender washer on each bolt between the carbon fiber and the mounting plate. The edge of the mounting plate makes contact with the fender washer instead of the carbon fiber. That spreads out the contact force and will keep the carbon fiber from cracking prematurely.

Other people have used a thick piece of rubber, but I like the fender washer idea better.