MI5 Persecution:Kris Holm dies falling off bridge

Secret conspiracy also linked to crocodile hunters death.

OK you should delete this

I was just having some fun posting while the forum was being spammed.

For those of you just getting here

For a while there was about a dozen of these M1 5 persecution headered posts clogging the forum. I couldn’t resist trying to make up some myself. :slight_smile:

this is stupid

I didn’t think the Kris Holm thing in your title was funny.

I’m beginning to slowly lose more and more respect for you feel the light.

Not cool.

Well, all these MI 5 conspiricy spam are deleted now

So yeah, I look like a jerk seen in this void. There was about 12 of these conspirisy posts on the forum when I posted this. I made up some of my own to make light of it in that context. But no, I wouldn’t think it funny myself if I posted something like this out of the blue.

Trust me

A major part of the front page was covered with these MI 5 persecution headered posts saying the gov. is trying to kill someone. My uni themed ones were just a joke in that context. Like who would ever believe Kris could fall off a bridge, or Irwin hurt by an animal ? It’s an obvious government conspirisy! But yeah, my post looks odd and not funny now that the spam posts are gone. I wish I could delete it.
Still, I was having a lot of fun trying to think of all the absurd way the gov could be against uni riders. I enjoy a comic challenge.

making fun of someone who past is low…extremely low :angry:

have some respect

Only someone who didn’t love Irwin

Could believe he didn’t crack jokes about dying. We’re all gonna die my friend. Do you really believe he didn’t know ? That he spent his time praying and sending his money to the church and praying it won’t be him today ?
That was a man who could face death so cheery he could face life. For that matter if Kris was all welling up in his eyes at the prospect of falling, he would have a long time ago. :wink:

so because he faced death constantly its alright if you crack jokes along the lines of how he had passed?

so does this so called logic also go for police men and fire fighters?

Q:what band did steve irwin have at his funeral?

yes its terrible i know, that joke came out a few hours after he died. now thats disrespectful.

R.I.P. Steve

Shortly after 9 11

Q: Why are all the jews that control New York insisting that we rebuild the towers right away?
A : Be cause it would be cheaper then constructing a monument that could hold all the names.

Not only is that joke’s context poor, so is its wording. As far as I know, Sting is a singular musical artist not a band.

i’ve never even heard of him. i juist heard the joke

That’s right feel the light, dig yourself even deeper. Lets keep racial ‘humor’ off rec, better yet off the forums completely.

EDIT: Sorry Mars, I deleted that post, it was worded poorly but for anyone curious I was just saying that Sting is a single musical artist, not a band.

That joke was to relieve fears about number

I used to work at the towers. My Mom was born there. Actually I was extremely pleased that 3000 people died. When we were telling that joke, we feared it would be 50, 000. So lighten up. It wasn’t an anti jew joke at all.:slight_smile:

Maybe we can close this topic.

Yall over-reacting. Chill out, go ride.

If a popular someone started this thread it would be no prob Jerrick :wink: