mgti pedals???

Hi, i saw the mgti (magnesium-titanium ) pedals on the koxx one website, and i was wondering if they are good for street and trials…They must be really strong because of the fabrics, but i am not sure…However, they are very expensive…can anyone write a review??

Look for MG1 Ti. I got my pair for $80.

They are good for a pure trials rider. Because of the softness of the Mg, you have to be careful to not rip out the pins.

Forgot to mention that the MG1 Ti is the EXACT same pedal as the koxx, but with a different logo. That’s right, koxx put like a %300 rise…

Same applies for pretty much every pedal out there. Find it’s welgo equivalent for half the price.

I hate that they do that, but a lot of pedal companies do that.

Look on ebay and you may get lucky. I see MG-1s one week for $80, next week they are at $120. Just gotta find them at the right time.

Mine should be getting here soon.

$100 on ebay compared to $350USD from koxx.

They’re nuts… $350 for some freaking pedals.


you re right…
but we shouldn’t be surprised…
koxx has high prices in general…

finally bought my pair… working for 2 weeks and decided i didn’t need a laptop or a bike, i needed a pair of MG-TI pedals :wink: