Metal Poles- What should i build?

I just chucked out an old trampoline but saved some of the parts coz i thought i could turn it into something cool.

I’ve got two bars that are about 2.5m length and the ends are curved at 90* for about 15 cm. See my diagram belo for a sideon view.

|                          |
|                          |

What should i build a grind bar, a skinny or something else?

are the bars steel, or aluminum?

if they are steel, you should weld the end of a straight pole onto the end after the curve, and make a curved rail, that would be a neat challenge to ride, methinks (i don’t even ride straight ones though)

They’re steel.
All the straight poles are rusted thru, so i wouldn’t want to use 'em.

you gots a welder?

No so i’m kinda limited.
But i could borrow/use one if i had to.

ive got one i’ll let you use if you know how to weld. if you don’t i’ll weld it for you

Thanks for the offer.
But…I still need to think of something good to build!