Metal plate inside the saddle

Hi everybody,

I just realized that this is not a part of the unicycle frequently discussed and the forum search for plate mostly provide results about the KH reinforcement plate.

For reference, I am talking about the metal plate found between the foam and the plastic base and that serves as the saddle spine.

I faced a couple of times that this “spine” gets some metal fatigue and splits in two (defeating its purpose of making the saddle stiffer). Unfortunately, there is no way to buy a spare (except maybe going with the KH plate on the outside ?).

How do you deal with it (other than replacing the whole saddle) ? Have anybody able to craft something and give a second life to a saddle ?

Believe it or not there used to be a lot of discussion about this. I remember threads where people had welded them back together, and ones where riders were stacking them to get stiffer saddles. I’ll see if I have more luck searching than you did, but since the new KH base came out there hasn’t been much buzz about the old tech.

I found a host of threads with the searches: “broken stiffener,” and “broken saddle.” I’m sure there are other searches that will yield good results, but my guess is that you will have ample reading between those.

Thanks Jtrop for the keywords, I will dig in :wink:

What happened to the bagel?

The Rolling Bagel is enjoying itself in the warmth of the south of France under my BF’s care. Don’t worry it will still be part of the crazy rides plans (being such a nice primary ride :wink: ).

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I haven’t managed to tame the search function yet but am working on it… :stuck_out_tongue:

However, when I saw the KH reinforcement plate, it seemed almost like a valid replacement (shorter but thicker). The main problem would be the carriage bolts or the jailed nuts… Maybe nuts+super-glue would be strong enough to withstand the rotational stress?? (just throwing ideas as I cannot test this combination ).

To be continued…

I doubt it would work. The torque at nut level is pretty high, Super Glue wouldn’t be strong enough to resist.