Metal Pedals with Shinguards

I’m wondering if it is suggested that I use shinguards with metal pedals. Currently I have metal pedals on my unicycle and I’m planning on getting shinguards in the next few days no matter what. I have heard that metal pedals will tear shinguards apart. I’m getting the 661 4x4’s. So should I get some plastic pedals as well or are the metal ones ok?

Pedals are the reason I wear shinguards. I’d rather have the pedals tearing up shin guards (which are easily replaceable) than my legs (which aren’t replaceable).

the shin guards are very tough, unless you have some serious pins in your pedals you should be just fine. Ive ripped some of the back of my shin guards and the front. I dont notice it at all whenever i slip and i doubt ill have to replace my shin pads anytime soon. I got the 661’s also

You want shin guards. You WANT shin guards. I use cheap soccer shin guards and the other day I noticed the cloth was torn on one of them. But since they have hard plastic underneath I’m not to concerned and the pair was only $10 at Sports Authority.

As for what pedals you should use, what kind of riding are you going to do? If you are just learning I would say plastic pedals are fine. As you get better you will know when you need more traction and can switch to metal pinned pedals.

I have been riding for about 5 years now, and metal pedals are the way to go. They do take some getting use to if you have been using plastic. The biggest concern with the metal is your shins but your getting guards for that. A second thing to think about is your shoes. A low top shoe will present a space that the pedal pegs can get you through, so I sagest a higher top shoe. I personally like “driving shoes” because they have a high top and a smooth flat sole that allows for extremely good pedal feel, but hiking shoes work just as well(and better at times that require you to cary or walk your uni wile on the mountain).

plastics to learn

Allow me to add a very important message…LEARN ON PLASTIC PEDALS!!! this will help with the “quick dismounts” by allowing the feet to slide off rather than having to completely lift the foot off. you privates, hands, knees and butt will thank you.