Met Ryan Leech today

This post may be out of place in the unicycle forums but today I met a fellow by the name of Ryan Leech from British Columbia. He is a rather talented trial / mountain bike rider.

He mentioned to me the he gets to ride with Kris H. every now and then.

Today he did a demonstration of his riding here in Fredericton New Brunswick.

Wowser, it was very impressive what he could do with that bike of his.

What would be great for our sport if we (unicyclist) toured thru Canada, demonstrating the abilities of our own stars to the provinces. Oh well that’s my 2cents for today.

In a way Ryan Leech is the reason I started unicycling, so this thread is legit RSU!

He and Kris were both on the Norco Factory team.

That would be awesome. Anyone want to volunteer or nominate someone?:wink:

I can do it for Quebec and Ontario;) It would be really cool though to do demos of unicycling around the Canada.

At first I was thinking “champagne wishes and caviar dreams”. It took me a minute to realize that was Robin Leach. :roll_eyes: