Met another unicylist on the trail!

Today I came across another unicyclist on the bike path! Unfortunately, I was on my recumbent commuter bike rather than a uni, but I managed to wave him down and chat for a while anyhow. Turns out we actually have met through work previously. My new uni friend has just re-entered the unicylist fold 2 weeks ago, after learning to ride when he was a kid. Despite the lack of much recent experience, he did a fine job of freemounting when we parted (that took me like forever to do, especially with someone watching). I’m pretty psyched about having another local unicyist about my age to hopefully do some riding with. :slight_smile:

cool. did you tell him about

Yeah, I found a fellow forumite that lives near me. Quite cool. I also saw some lad riding down the street downtown on a uni. I was in a car going the other way. He looked as though he was a bit shakey during his ride.

I just got back into the scene as well. I rode down the street last night after about 10 mins of practice. I was sweating like I was riding for miles and miles. I am determined to get back into it really soon. Might ride tonite, but the wind and hail may prevent me from doing so.

Riding solo is fun, but it seems as though if there’s someone to ride with, you would be more determined to learn new skills to show off. I know my goal is to learn backwards and idling on a 29er… after I relearn how to ride and turn.


That is cool UniShark.

It’s always great to have a chance meeting like that…

Usually, however I end up meeting bikers & hikers that say they saw another guy on the trail the other day.

However, like your friend, I got back into uni then muni after meeting a fellow unicyclist at work! (Turns out I was unaware of this “muni-thing” until talking to this guy a year & a half ago. And now it’s become a passion.)

Also, just last week, after finishing a 10 mile ride I had a road-b*ker turn around to come back and ask me about muni after seeing my cycle leaning against the car. It turned out that he had just odered a Sun 24" to “re-learn” uni from his times as a kid. I suggested he sell the Sun, buy an NB24, and come join me on the trails. He said he just might…

And then there was the time I was riding my NB20 around Moab this Spring when a guy stopped me and asked if he could try out my ride. I said “yeah, but try not to drop it.” After which he freemounted, pedaled a few revolutions and hopped on top of a nearby boulder. As it turned out that was “Phil-On-Muni,” who was down in Moab riding with friends who only b*ke. He begged me to join him for some muni, but my gal and I had other plans (and I had only brought the 20 along).

At any rate, here’s hoping we all bump into fellow riders on a more-and-more regular basis.


UPD in Utah

Of course!

Congrats on re-joining the scene! Don’t worry about sweating; I sure still do. I just carry a change of clothes for when it matters.
I’m also working on my 29er skills, especially since I cut the seatpost on my 20 for my kids. The 29 is now my little uni.

Thanks - and it sounds like if I really want to meet other unicyclists on the trails, I should just start following you around!