Met another unicyclist tonight & I got to ride his COKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight, while midway through my usual Thursday night 25 mile bicycle ride/pub crawl, the strangest thing happened. We were waiting for the second half of the ride to start when one of the riders came up to me and said there was a guy parked behind the bike shop with one of those unicycles with a 36" wheel in the back of of truck. Needless to say, I couldn’t pass up a chance to meet another unicyclist (especially if he had a Coker), since I know of only 4 of us in the immediate area.
I jumped on my bike and rode over to the truck and gazed in the back. There it was, a Coker with a Roach air saddle conversion and some serious pinned pedals. A little girl came over and, as I wiped the drool from my face, she asked if I wanted to see it.
As she opened the tailgate and I couldn’t help but yell at the gentleman on the basketball court “mind if I ride it?”
He obiviously misunderstood my question and replied “sure, I’ll ride it for you in a minute”. At this time, I realized that he had another young girl with him and was teaching her how to ride on an small Schwinn,
I waited until he took a break from the lesson and asked again if he minded if I tried to ride it. He looked at me with a look of confusion and I explained to him that I could actually ride a uni and Munied quite a bit and started telling him about my stable of uni’s.
At this point, realizing that my request was sincere, he gladly offered the beast to me.
I tried freemounting it one time and decided to use a nearby basketball post as an aid. Upon mounting it, I quickly rode about halfway down the court, to both his and my amazement!!
I dismounted and had a grin that damn near stretched wider than my face.
At that point, I asked “can I do it again?” I proceeded to ride it about 4 or 5 more times before my bicycle riding group started passsing by and I realized tht it was time for me to depart.
I exchanged business cards with Joe and he seemed as excited as I was to find another unicyclist and we plan on getting togehter in the near future for some riding.
Oh, BTW, I may be shopping for a Coker soon
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hey thats awesome, only hope I run into more riders around here

And yes do invest in a coker, wellll worth it. And that grin will just keeeeeeeeep going.

Wow, Kenny, you flushed out yet another unicyclist in the area? That’s 2 in 2 weeks.
Glad you got to ride his Coker. Of course it was not your first time on a Coker. I remember you riding Jerry Gruss’s at that barbeque a few months back. Oh wait, I guess that was more like you strangling a cedar tree while the Coker flipped around under you. Well, you’ve come a long way since then. Yes, you need a Coker as it is the only wheel size you are lacking.


Thanks for sharing you NEW FIND Kenny. I, like Uni Guy, wish I could find some more riders near me.

A weekly fun ride with others would be great. So far, it’s just me and my daughters. --chirokid–

it’s been more than a week and i’m still smiling…

(our current thinking involves raising funds for thetheodora foundation by takling a couple of south africa’s premier cycle races on cokers.
so far we have 4 riders interested and two potential sponsors whose contributions will not only add joy and happiness to kids in hospitals lives but to mine!
win-win i believe is the term we’re looking for here
:slight_smile: )

thy this link instead
sorry about that

and before u say ANYTHING about unis and clowns
remember it is for a very good cause

then say it

Man! The first time I voluntarily skipped the night ride and another unicycler comes out… what’s up with that? Oh yeah (Scott), for the record, I’m the one that found Kenny… :slight_smile:

Scott, that first encounter I had with a Coker doesn’t count since I’d only been riding a few weeks and was barely able to sit on top of it while dangling from that tree!!!:smiley: :smiley:
Matt, you should’ve been there last night, I’m sure Joe would have let you try his Coker too!:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Oh, but it had very high entertainment value. :slight_smile:

Matt, from what I gather you saw Kenny’s uni avater on a bike forum, so he still gets the credit for “flushing you out”. Sorry, but that’s the way it works in big time unicyclist recruiting. :wink:

It looks like we have 4 riders for Sunday evening at OP park. If anyone else is interested, chime in!


Actually, I just put a general post requesting that anyone who unicycled in the area to let me know… now, when I saw his avatar (before even reading his response) I knew… :slight_smile:

4 riders Sunday sounds cool to me. The more people with the least wheels the merrier!

I stand corrected. You definitely get the credit for your effort. Kenny still gets credit for having unicycles to loan out to new recruits.


Oh yes, certainly. I really appreciate trying out the new wheels too… for the last 12 or 13 years the only unicycle I rode was the 20 inch of mine… until a few weeks ago.